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Why? Because we bought this product, reviewed it, and feel that it will give you the skills to become an “orgasm-giving” machine.

Yes – we  have actually purchased this product and been through all of the bonuses.

We exercise this sort of thoroughness with all our our reviews because we want to give you the most in depth information about the products.


Program Pros Program Cons
a. The author clearly knows his subject very well. 
b. The examples that the  author shares in all sections are solid.
c. Some of the most valuable bonuses we have ever seen with this kind of product.
d. Each section of the book flows  naturally into the other.
e. Main guide is easy to understand.
a. The book contains too many ads promoting products on dating  & sexual performance from other authors.

b. A bit pricey even though the info is great.

Orgasm By Command Rating
  • Quality Of Information - 9.6/10
  • Easy To Understand - 9.4/10
  • Easy To Implement - 9.2/10
  • Value For Money - 8/10

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Who is the product for?

All men can benefit from this product. Most men want to really satisfy their women in bed but they are not sure how to go about this in the right way.

They read a lot of stuff online but nothing seems to work. With this product , Orgasm By Command by Lloyd Lester, you will learn the techniques to bring your woman to intense orgasm very quickly and regularly.

As a result, she will want more and more sex with you.

Few men know these secrets. Now you can join the elite few when you understand how to make a woman orgasm on command.

A lot of women are also frustrated by the performance of their men in the bedroom. This leads them to avoid sex or even straying in the relationship.

Yes – it is true that some women’s inability to orgasm may be not be down to technique but emotional 

They are not achieving orgasms during sex and feel unsatisfied. If these problems persist, men could lose their women.

When you learn all of the secrets to making a woman orgasm you will be unstoppable. Your confidence will soar and your woman will want you more and more.

The author is trained and experienced in the world of male sexuality. He has helped more than 22,000 men across the world achieve breakthroughs in their sex lives.

What do you get with Orgasm By Command?

One of the first things that really impressed us about this product was that there was an audio version of the 81 page PDF document.

We like having the option to listen to a guide like this when travelling or working out for example. Of course, the you can read the PDF document on any device such as your tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop computer.

When you have completed your purchase of the product you will arrive automatically at the download page. Here you will have access to the main product as well as the bonuses. We will discuss the bonuses in more detail later.

The audio book version is an MP3 file of around 90 MB and it has a duration of 1 hour and 36 minutes. It is great to have the choice of reading the PDF or listening to the audio.

What we did was read the PDF first and then reinforce my learning by listening to the MP3. We recommend that you do this too.

The six bonuses also have audio versions that you can download and listen to when it is convenient for you. The author has gone the extra mile to help you with your learning and this is something that we really appreciate. 

The main guide has an introduction section followed by a comprehensive overview section which has 8 separate components. Then the guide is divided into three main parts which we will discuss below.

Toward the end of this review, we will provide details of the bonuses which you will definitely want to read because they  very good.  


In the introduction the author outlines the purpose of the product and what you will get out of it.

He explains that the concept of being able to make a woman orgasm quickly every time is something that a lot of men view with skepticism. The author provides you with confidence that this is possible and that by reading and implementing what is in the guide you will be successful.

There is a warning in the introduction about using your newfound power in the right way. At first, we thought that this was just another way to put this product in a good light but after thinking about it for a while, the author’s reasoning made sense.

How the Orgasm by Command System Works

Here the author provides you with a “big picture” view of how everything works.

He explains that there are three parts to the system and the critical component of creating an “orgasm button” for your woman. This is basically an “anchor” that you set with her that will trigger orgasms time after time.

He also explains that once you have mastered the basics, he will share some advanced techniques in the guide that will really spice things up for you in the bedroom. One of the goals you need to achieve is to make your woman’s orgasm button stronger over time.

The Structure of an Orgasm Button

In this section the author reveals what the orgasm button really is and how it works.

He explains that the orgasm button works with both her body and mind so that you can make her instantly aroused. Your woman will not be aware that you have pushed her orgasm button. 

Of course, the orgasm button is not a physical thing – it is a psychological trigger that you plant in her mind. Lloyd Lester goes on to explain that the trigger can be in different forms and it doesn’t matter too much which one of these you chose.

We found this section very interesting and it really boosted our build confidence that the system will  work for virtually any man that tries it.

How Buttons / Triggers are created

The author does a good job here explaining how emotional triggers work. He provides good examples of different types of triggers and why they are so powerful.

Although human beings create most triggers in their lives automatically, Lester explains that they can also be created deliberately which is what you will do.

Creating an Orgasm Button

Lester reiterates the three important steps that you need to perform to create the orgasm button for your woman.

He then provides a very good example of how this would work in practice. He emphasizes here that the trigger needs to be something unique, that is, something that would not usually occur in normal daily life.

You will then learn how to create an orgasm trigger to use on your woman. The author explains why this is very effective and how it is something that only you will know about and be able to use.  Once you have created this orgasm button, possibilities really start to open up.

How to Install the Button / Trigger

In this section the author goes into detail about how you can install the orgasm button with your woman. 

He shows you four essential steps to follow and explains that it is not an exact science. He provides useful tips on the timing of everything. 

Lester shows you how to ensure that the orgasm button is properly installed and is very strong.

As a beginner, you may not get this right the first time around. The advice provided here is based on Lester’s experience of teaching many men how to do this correctly.

Important Tips and Reminder for Proper Trigger Installation

Properly installing your woman’s orgasm button is critical to your success so Lester provides more essential details here about timing and the best technique to use.

There are some very important “do’s and don’ts” here that you need to pay special attention to. He emphasizes that the sexual situation needs to be just right for you to install the orgasm trigger properly.

If you get this wrong then you can associate negative things with the trigger. This is a situation that you want to avoid at all costs.

As usual, Lloyd Lester provides great real-life examples. This is an excellent section.

Testing your Orgasm Button / Trigger

Once you have followed all of the advice provided by the author on installing the orgasm button for your woman you will need to test it.

The author explains that there is a right way to do this and what he said here surprised us. He provides examples of the best situations and times to test the orgasm button.

Lester also provides you with all of the signs that you need to look for that her orgasm button is successfully installed. He explains what you need to do if you do not get the reaction that you were expecting.

Bear in mind that all women are different and the techniques may take longer to work with some.

How to create the Best, Most Powerful Orgasm Button

Here the author promises to show you ways that you can intensify the power of the orgasm button to make your woman highly aroused whenever you want.

Having read the guide from cover to cover more than once, we can confirm that he fulfills his promise  later in the guide.

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Part 1 – Advanced Anchoring Tips and Methods

In the intro to this section, Lester says he will share with you the more advanced techniques that you can use to create triggers that work even better.

Installing your Voice

This is all about associating the sound of your voice with your woman’s orgasm button.

The author explains that this is very powerful and outlines the things that you need to take into consideration to ensure that this works perfectly for you. It is easy to get this wrong if you do not follow his advice.

Lester provides you with some great examples here of how to effectively associate your voice with her orgasm button. We could instantly see that these methods could be a game changer. 

Installing a Visual Button

Lester explains here that a visual trigger is another powerful way to intensify your woman’s orgasm button. But he explains that this method can be tricky thing to accomplish. But once you get it right, you can blow your woman’s mind and body.

Using Other Senses

Another way to intensify the orgasm button is to use her sense of smell.

The author explains that this is not an easy thing to do but the results are certainly worth it. He provides good examples here of what you can do to link certain smells to her orgasm button.

Stacking Buttons / Triggers for More Power

In this section the author explains the principle of stacking triggers with your woman.

It is all about combining different triggers such as touch and your voice to intensify everything for her. When you follow his advice, you will create a much stronger arousal in your woman and make her reach orgasm faster.

Amplifying the Stack

Lester provides you with a simple three step process here for amplifying the trigger stack. He has used this to bring a woman to orgasm in less than 10 seconds.

This works because you are amplifying the effect of the orgasm button each time. We found this to be a very powerful section and saw immediately that it can be very effective.

Collapsing Pre-existing Negative Triggers / Buttons

Lester contends that many women will have some pre-existing negative triggers which can severely hamper your chances of bringing them  to orgasm fast. These women have developed these negative triggers through life experiences and you need to eliminate them.

Lester provides you with a powerful 3 step process to achieve this. He emphasizes that this will not be easy but with persistence you can achieve this. The author provides some good examples here of how you could put this all into practice. This is a very powerful section which we strongly encourage you to pay attention to.

Get Orgasm By Command At The Best Price

Part 2 – Creating (and Capturing) the Most Powerful / Intense Orgasms

The second part of the guide is all about how to create the strongest possible orgasm for your woman. 

Lester reveals some very powerful secrets and tricks that you can use here.

There is some great advice on how to bring your woman to orgasm in the first place so that you can effectively install her orgasm button.

Stealing Her Orgasm ProcessOrgasm By Command Review

This is about stealing the process that some women use to reach orgasm by herself – like through masturbation for example.

Lester contends that most women will experience their most powerful orgasms “taking care of their own needs” than she would with you. He provides you with the reasons why this is the case. 

Stealing a woman’s orgasm process is not easy as she is likely not going to masturbate in front of you.

Even if she does, then she may not feel as comfortable as she would doing this alone so the orgasm will not be as strong as it could be.

Lester provides a way to use a woman’s masturbation practices to create an orgasm experience even more intense than what she would on her own. 

A few Phone Sex Tips

This section shows how you can use phone sex as a way to get women to orgasm. A lot of men have had never had phone sex with their women before so this is a very important section.

The author provides four steps that you need to follow to get the best results with phone sex. We think phone sex is a great way to get your women hot, heavy, and to the boiling point.

Increasing Comfort and Relaxation

Your woman will experience better orgasms if you make her more relaxed. In this section the author provides some very effective tips on what you can do to make your woman more relaxed.

He also tells you one commonly used technique that you should avoid and provides sound reasons why.

The Right Kind of Foreplay

Lester explains that most men’s ideas about foreplay are purely physical but that there is so much more to foreplay than that.

This is a really powerful section and the examples and advice that the author provides here are lost on many men.

Involve all Her Senses

When you can involve all of her senses in making her comfortable and ready for sex you will be on to a winner. The author provides you with different examples of what you can do to engage all of her senses in this section.

Shared Fantasies

Your woman will have a number of fantasies that she will never reveal to you.

But you stand a good chance to get your woman to share at least one of her fantasies if you follow the powerful advice from Lester in this section. He then explains how to use what you learn from her to intensify your sex sessions. 

Using Her existing Arousal Structures

If you have been with your woman for some time then you will already know some of the things that arouse her.

Use the techniques in this section to make your sex sessions a lot more intense. In the case where your woman is fairly new, you can use the technique that the author provides to understand some of her existing arousal structures.

Guided Visualizations

This is a powerful section where you will learn how to guide your woman to open up to you about her fantasies and arousal.

The author provides you with the questions to ask her and the method that you need to follow to get the best results. This is a fairly long section but we urge you to persevere with it as it is very powerful stuff.

Emotional Pre-requisites

The author explains that a lot of women will enjoy sex with their men a lot more if they are able to share the right emotions with him.

Here Lester provides you with powerful techniques to identify those emotions and how you can use them to the best effect. 

Get Orgasm By Command At The Best Price

Part 3 – Tune Up, Maintenance, Adjustment of the Orgasm Button

In this final part of the guide the author emphasizes the need for you to keep your woman’s orgasm button running at the optimum level.

He explains that from time to time your woman’s orgasm button will require a tune up. He provides you with a number of different ways that you can effectively do this.

Lester also explains the signs that you need to look for that a tune up is necessary. You will learn that there is nothing difficult to tuning up her orgasm button.

It is really a matter of using what you have already learned in the guide.

The Bonuses

There are five bonuses and one unannounced bonus with this product. These are:

  1. Sexual Mentalist
  2. Sex She Craves
  3. Bad Girl Sex
  4. Push Her Pleasure Buttons
  5. Sexual Confidence Escalator
  6. Oral Influence (unannounced bonus)

Sexual Mentalist is a 16 page PDF document. It also comes as a 17 MB audio MP3 file that lasts for just over 18 minutes.

This bonus is the work of the same author as the main guide. The author explains how you can get your woman to “think dirty” about you and make her believe that these thoughts were all hers.

There are 9 powerful techniques that you can learn from this powerful mini-guide. We went through each of these and saw the power in all of them. Use these techniques on your woman and it will start her thinking very naughty things about you.

Sex She Craves is another powerful mini-guide. It is available as a 19 page PDF document and as an MP3 audio file that is around 14 minutes long and a little over 13 MB.

This is all about the sex secrets that your woman wished you knew about but she will never tell you about these. Knowing these secrets can really boost your confidence.

Bad Girl Sex is probably something that you have always dreamed about knowing. The author describes this guide as teasing out her naughty side so that you can start a bonfire between her legs. You get a 23 page PDF document and a 17 minute long MP3 audio file which is just over 16 MB.

Lester shares 7 techniques with you that will help you to tease out that “wild side” in your woman. Once you start to use these secrets your sex life will be on the up and up for sure.

Push Her Pleasure Buttons is another high-quality mini-guide from Lester that reveals powerful techniques that will have her begging for mercy and for more.

You can choose between the 20 page PDF document or the 12.5 MB and 13 minute long MP3 audio file. Here the author explains the difference between men and women when it comes to arousal.

Lester tells you the five things that you must do to work your woman up into a frenzy and demanding that you make wild, passionate love to her. As always, the author explains everything well and provides great examples of how to make these techniques work.

The Sexual Confidence Escalator is the best bonus of them all. On its own this would easily sell for $47 or more. This is another product from the same author but it is very different to the others. It is a set of 3 audio files in MP3 format that all use brainwave entrainment. 

If you do not have a high level of confidence when it comes to your sexual prowess then this will definitely affect your performance in the bedroom.

It has nothing to do with learning new techniques. You need to eliminate any anxiety that you have about sexual performance. These excellent audio files will help you to do that in a short period of time.

The first audio file is 30 minutes long and is an affirmations experience which will relax you and  reprogram your conscious mind.

Second is the 20 minute long entrainment track which has background music and uses special frequencies to reprogram your subconscious mind. Finally, there is a relaxation audio of 10 minutes.

Oral Influence is the unannounced bonus available as a 21 page PDF mini-guide or a 16 MB audio file in MP3 format that lasts for almost 18 minutes. The title may mislead you a little. It is all about talking your woman into having an orgasm.

Here Lester hits it out of the park again with 5 powerful ways that you can use your voice to make her want you. Lester pulls no punches here as he explains how to use each technique in detail.

Final Verdict

Most men want to please their women in the bedroom to the point of orgasm. Doing so is a mutually satisfying experience.

But while almost all men have these good intentions, only a few really know how to pull this off. Faster Female Orgasm

Orgasm By Command by Lloyd Lester offers invaluable techniques to get your woman to cum on command. Having this ability can be very intoxicating

We were impressed with the knowledge of the author. 

It was obvious to he has a lot of experience and we completely believe that he has helped thousands of men succeed with bringing their women to orgasm fast. 

He explains every detail very well both in the main guide and in the bonuses.

We were a bit turned off by the number of ads in the main products and bonuses. Even though the ads were unobtrusive, we fear that readers would become distracted by buying the advertised products.

We think it is ideal to, at least initially, digest and implement the techniques that are in “Orgasm By Command.” Then later on you can consider other companion products.

Overall, we recommend this product as we believe it can help to improve the sex lives of many couples out there. You also have the comfort of a full 60 day money back guarantee so you are risking nothing by making a purchase.

Get Orgasm By Command At The Best Price

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