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Product Name: How To Get Ex Back by Justin Sinclair

Use: To help guys get their girlfriends back and girls get their boyfriends back after a breakup

Quality of Information Easy to Understand Easy to Implement Value for Money
4.7/5 4.7/5 4.7/5 4.7/5
The author clearly knows what he is talking about and the information in this guide is proven to work. We found everything really easy to understand. The guide made total sense from start to finish. The methods revealed in the guide are easy to implement. But you will need to exercise a good degree of self-control here. At $47 I found the guide to be good value for money. Getting back with your ex for $47 is a very small price to pay.


Pros Cons
It was clear to me from the start that the author was experienced and he knew what he was talking about We found one of the titles to be misleading but this wasn’t a really big deal
Very easy read – it will not take you long to go through the entire guide We didn’t like the fact that he didn’t present the best upgrade offer first – the upgrades are totally worth it by the way
The associated product and bonuses are very good Navigation of the guide could be improved.
There are many examples provided and he shows you what kind of messages to send
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What How To Get Ex Back Promises

If you are a man or woman that has recently experienced a breakup with your loved one, then this product promises to help you get your ex back. We were struck by how simple the program claims to be.

The author and relationship expert, Justin Sinclair, says he will provide you with a series of texts to send your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. The texts supposedly work on a subconscious level, and will get your woman (or man) wanting to give you a second chance after a breakup.

Justin Sinclair laments that most men who try to get their exes back resort to begging, pleading, and non-stop annoying communication to restart their relationships. These methods rarely work.

Justin is offering a different approach to exes, one based on his years of experience as relationship counselor.

We were also intrigued by two things that Justin said in his sales video for How To Get Ex Back.

One – his texts messages will help you plant the seed.

When trying to get your ex-girlfriend back, text messages offer a non-confrontational way to do that. Using face-to-face contact to achieve the same result is more difficult because it puts more pressure on both parties.

Justin makes clear that getting your ex-girlfriend back will not be an overnight thing. But he claims that women in general will at least read the text messages that their exes send them. The text messages that he has created is designed to get your ex to listen to what you have to say.

Two – Justin claims his text messages will remind your ex of the good times and portray you as the man she fell in love with. The end result is that your ex will be the one wanting you back as well.

This one-two punch sounds good and makes a lot of sense. We also appreciate the fact that Justin makes it clear to potential customers that the road to getting back together will take time.

Can the product really deliver on these promises? That’s what we’ll try to answer throughout the review.

What do you get with the How To Get Ex Back product?

We purchased the male of Justin Sinclair’s  – “How To Get Ex Back.” There is a female version available if you are a female wanting to get your ex back.

The main product is available as a 99 page PDF document which you can download onto your laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet device.

There is also an audio version of the main guide that lasts for 1 hour and 52 minutes and is in MP3 format. It is really convenient to be able to listen to the audio on the go.

There are 43 sections to the main guide. One criticism we have is there are no chapters assigned to each section. For ease of reference, we will give assign a chapter to each section. Just remember that the guide doesn’t assign chapters to each section.

Another criticism is that there are no clickable links in the table of contents. If the guide had clickable links, you would be able to click any part of the table of contents and be taken to the corresponding chapter.

Since ease of navigation is important to us, we have to give the product a low rating here.

The main guide comes with a companion eBook, called 5 Texting Case Studies, comes with the The How To Get Ex Back guide. This 16-page companion eBook provides 5 case studies of people using text messaging successfully to get their exes back. 

You also get two valuable bonuses with the How To Get Ex Back guide:

  1. Bringing the Romance Back
  2. 5 Things to Stop any Argument

The first of these bonuses is available as 15 page PDF document as well as a 25 minute long MP3 audio version that is around 7.5 MB. 5 Things to Stop any Argument is an 8 page PDF document. We will give you my opinion on these bonuses later on in this review.

Chapter 1 – The First Date with your Ex

This is really an introductory chapter so you won’t get any meat and potatoes here. The author provides inspiring words to give you the confidence that you can get back with your ex no matter how bad you are feeling right now.

He tells you why you should listen to his advice and explains that you need to put in the effort to get the result that you want – your ex back in your life. 

Chapter 2  – Never Text when you’re Vexed

After a breakup you are bound to be experiencing different emotions. Justin Sinclair offers his view on whether you should be texting after a breakup.

He doesn’t offer his view on when and how you should start texting after a breakup until later. This chapter is short and doesn’t offer anything spectacular. 

This chapter feels like an introductory chapter.

Chapter 3 – Did anyone ever feel like this before?

Here Sinclair runs through the different feelings that you could be experiencing after a breakup. He explains that they are all natural and as old as time itself. You will learn exactly what to do and what not to do immediately after breaking up with your ex. This is powerful stuff and you need to heed this advice.

Chapter 4 – Beginning the process – making your plan

The author explains that you need a plan for the next 2 weeks of your life. This is not about getting back with your ex but helping you to escape from the pain that you are in right now. He provides some excellent examples of what to do here. I can see this working very well.

Chapter 5 – An important question to ask before you go on

You are provided with an important question to ask yourself about the whole situation here in an attempt to put things in perspective. In fact, there are several examples of questions you can ask yourself in this section. The answer will likely confirm which way you should go. There is also an introduction to the power of texting here.

Chapter 6 – How do people use texting?

This is a brief section that provides different examples of how people use text messages to communicate with others. If you are fairly new to texting then this is valuable information for you. 

Chapter 7 – What kind of texter are you?

This section is all about reflecting on how you used text messaging with your ex. The author explains that there are right and wrong things to do with texting and that if you do too many of the wrong things then you are going to end up with a disaster on your hands. At the end of the day, the way that you used text messaging could actually have caused your breakup.

Chapter 8 – A few of the breeds

Sinclair has performed a lot of research on texting habits and identified “breeds” of texters. He reveals the most common types of texters in this section and you need to pay attention to this because you will learn a lot here. It certainly opened my eyes as to how people approach text messaging.

Chapter 9 – What role did texting play in your getting together – and your breakup?

The aim of this section is to provide you with clues as to the role that texting played in your getting together with your ex and your breakup. This is important because it will tell you if texting was positive or negative for you as a couple. It will also help you moving forward to getting back with your ex. Really good advice.

Chapter 10 – Where does texting fit into the picture?

There is a brief but powerful message from the author here that will help you to put texting each other into perspective. The author explains the danger of overdoing it with texting. You really need to know about this.

Chapter 11 – Texting used as a tool to get back your ex

Sinclair discusses the approach that you need to use when you are ready to send that first, all important, text to your ex. There is very valuable advice in this section that you need to read and digest. So many people make mistakes with the first text that they send after a breakup. Follow this advice and you will be off to a positive start.

Chapter 12 – Creating a strategy based on texting

I found this section to be one of the most powerful in the whole guide. The author helps you to create a strategy here that will provide you with the maximum chance of success. Sinclair helps you to reflect on your relationship by providing some common reasons for breakups. This section will certainly help you to come up with the right texting strategy.

Chapter 13 – What kind of personality does your ex have?

A very important part of your strategy to get back with your ex is to understand their personality. This can be difficult for you to recall under the pain of a breakup and the author provides you with food for thought here to help you with this. Don’t overlook this essential step.

Chapter 14 – Devising your strategy

Sinclair reveals his “never fail” principle in this section. He reveals 7 steps that you need to take to create a strategy that will provide you with every chance of success. The advice from the author is very solid here and he recommends that you do things that I have never seen before that I know will work.

Chapter 15 – A cooling off period

The author explains here why jumping in with both feet and sending a ton of texts to your ex after a breakup will not work. He provides you with one piece of advice here that you absolutely must follow. It goes against what other “experts” may say but believe me it makes sense.

Chapter 16 – Why shutting your ex out is not an effective strategy

In this section Sinclair provides you with 6 powerful reasons why it is not a good idea to totally shut out your ex. You need to pay careful attention here because all of these reasons are real and can put an end to your relationship for good. The author also explains why his recommended strategy works so well. This is a “must read” section.

Chapter 17 – Why a daily text?

Sinclair recommends that you send one text a day to your ex and fully explains the reasons why this approach works. He understands that most people send a lot more texts to each other when they are in a relationship but tells you why this is not a good idea after a breakup. The author also points out one thing that you definitely must not do as well.

Chapter 18 – What should my daily message be?

This section is a build up to actually writing your first text that you will send to your ex. He explains what you need to focus on and provides examples of what not to do. Read this section in full and don’t make the same mistakes that so many others do.

Chapter 19 – Good messages and bad messages – how to decide what to write

I found the title of this section a bit misleading – I was expecting to see examples of good and bad messages here but instead the author warms you up for what you can expect later on in the guide. It all makes sense but he should have chosen a better title in my opinion.

Chapter 20 – Reasons to use normal English

A lot of people use abbreviations with text messages and this is fine in most situations. But Sinclair explains that this isn’t fine when you are trying to get back with your ex. He provides 4 solid reasons why you need to use normal English, punctuated in the right way when you are trying to get back with your ex. Very good advice here.

Chapter 21 – What should the first message say?

This is an excellent section where Sinclair provides you with examples of what to say in your first text to your ex and what not to say. When you read these examples, you will see that they all make sense and will illicit the right response. 

Chapter 22 – That all important first message – sure fire winners!

Another great section. The examples the author provides here are really good and I am totally confident that they will all work for you. He mentions something that you need to avoid doing here which you may think is innocent but it makes sense not to do this. Sinclair also explains how to handle not receiving a reply. Excellent stuff!

Chapter 23 – The 2nd Message

More great examples for you here for the second message that you need to send to your ex. Sinclair explains the importance of timing here and why he has chosen the examples that he provides. A short section but very powerful.

Messages 3 – 11 driving home your advantage

Using the example messages in this section will certainly give you the best chance of receiving a favorable response. The author explains why these messages work so well and how they will help you to get a foothold in again for the future messages.

Messages 12 & 13 – playing the end game

This is where you are working towards your desired reconciliation with your ex. Once again, there are some fantastic examples of messages that you can send on days 12 and 13. Use these as it will certainly move you closer to your goal.

Message 14 – the crunch

Here the author tells you to be brave. Sinclair provides different examples here and recommends that you decide if they are appropriate for your situation or not. This is based on any previous interactions during the period you have been sending messages. I could see immediately how these would work.

Will my ex reply?

You will learn how to deal with not receiving any replies to your messages here and also how to handle any negative replies you may have received. This is very important and the author does a better job with this than I have seen in other similar guides.

What do I say next?

Here you will learn what you need to say in your messages if you have re-established communication with your ex. When I first read the examples he provided, I wasn’t too sure but as I read further it all made good sense. If you have the same initial reaction then be sure to read the entire section.

Timing is everything – when to text, and how often

In this section the author emphasizes the fact that you are in control of the most important aspects of your life. He provides reasons why you need to be restrained about sending future texts and why it is so important to get the timing right.

What kind of person is your ex?

The timing of your text messages depends on the type of person that your ex is. Sinclair provides examples of the best time to send a text to your ex so that it will have the most impact. There is something that you may be tempted to do but must resist discussed here. He rounds off this section really well with 6 great do’s and don’ts.

What’s an emoticon?

If you are not familiar with emoticons the author explains them well here.

Emoticons – get them on your side

Here you will see some examples of how using emoticons can really make your text messages much more powerful.

How to use emoticons to warm your ex’s heart

The author explains the power of using emoticons in your messages here. If you do not use them now then you will benefit from this information.

When to use an emoticon

Using emoticons in the right way is essential. If you use them incorrectly then you will look stupid. Sinclair goes into the psychology of using the right emoticons here which is very interesting.

Other emoticons that can help you out

I know about emoticons but some of the examples provided by the author in this section were new to me. It makes sense why these emoticons work too. He provides some “twists in the tale” examples here which are outstanding.

A little help from your friend – the friendly spy

Having a friend to help you to win your ex back is going to be very helpful. But you need to be careful who you choose to perform this role. The author provides you with 6 qualities that you need to look for in such a friend. 

Where to go and what to do

This is where your ex has agreed to meet with you again. Sinclair provides a number of different examples here on what will work best for you. He also tells you places that you should never meet as these could really work against you. Not only that, but he tells you what to wear and what you should say. One of the best sections in the entire guide!

The text after the meeting

After you have met with your ex it is important that you send them a text. The author explains when to do this and what you should say with some fine examples. Sinclair also provides 5 facts about texting that you need to know in this section.

Texting Love Rules 1 to 5

The guide ends with solid advice on the rules that you need to observe with texting. You will learn what you must avoid with text messages as well as good things that you can do. This is a good way to finish an impressive guide on getting back with your ex through text messaging.

5 Texting Case Studies

One of the things that really encourages me to purchase a product is when there are real case studies provided that prove that the methods in the main guide work. In the 16 page case study document you will see 5 examples of how the methods work. This will inspire you to believe in the methods that the author teaches.

Buy How To Get your Ex Back At The Best Price

The Bonuses

There are two good bonuses with How To Get Ex Back:

  1. Bringing the Romance Back
  2. 5 Things to Stop any Argument

Bringing the Romance Back is a top-quality bonus. The same author explains why romance tends to fade and how you can bring it back if your relationship is dying. There are some great tips on bringing the romance back in the bedroom here as well. You get an audio version of this powerful guide as well which is awesome.

In 5 Things to Stop any Argument you will learn some powerful techniques to take the heat out of the situation and take positive steps forward. I really liked the advice provided in this short guide. Arguments are part and parcel of most relationships and the tips here will really help you.

The Upgrades

There are two high-quality upgrades that are worthy of consideration as they go really well with the main guide. These are:

  1. Get Them Back 4X Faster
  2. Never Lose Them Again

In Get Them Back 4X Faster, Sinclair reveals his advanced methods to getting back with your ex in less time that his main guide reveals. There are three parts to this upgrade and the first two parts provide the powerful techniques that you can use to speed up the process of getting back with your ex.

The third part is called “Rapid Forgiveness” and I found this to be very effective. If you did something wrong to cause the breakup then you need to know how to ask for and receive forgiveness. Sinclair’s techniques in this guide will certainly help you to achieve this.

Never Lose Them Again is a two-part upgrade which teaches you how to bond over your differences rather than fight over them. In Part 1 Sinclair explains where relationships go wrong and how you can prevent problems in these areas. Part 2 explains how to take your relationship to the next level with the right bonding behaviors.

Both of these upgrades are really worth investing in. It is very likely that you are going to want to get back with your ex in the shortest time possible and when you achieve this you will want to ensure that you never lose the most important person in your life ever again.

I want to share something really important with you here. The Get Them Back 4X Faster upgrade has a price of $47 and the Never Lose Them Again upgrade is $37. These are both worth these prices, but you can get them both for a really low price. 

There is a downsell available for $27 where you can get the first two parts of Get Them Back 4X Faster and both parts of Never Lose Them Again. This is a clever form of marketing but I really wish that the vendors of these products would just offer their best offers upfront.

Buy How To Get your Ex Back At The Best Price

The Verdict

Suffering a breakup is not a pleasant experience. You will feel all kinds of negative emotions and want to reach for your phone and let your ex know how you feel. This product will help you to avoid making costly mistakes when you are at your most vulnerable. 

In my How To Get Ex Back review I have really gone under the hood to show you why this is a very effective guide to getting back with your ex using the power of text messaging. The author, Justin Sinclair, did a great job and you can tell that he knows what he is talking about from the beginning.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product to you. It will help you to get back with your ex using simple but powerful text messages. The upgrades are also very good and I recommend that you take advantage of the downsell combined offer. You get a full 60 day money back guarantee with this product so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Buy How To Get your Ex Back At The Best Price

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