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Thanks for checking out my Conversation Chemistry review. We bought this product and have reviewed it thoroughly.Meet Your Sweet

Most of the Conversation Chemistry reviews online are written by people that have even seen the product.

These pseudo reviewers simply read the product’s sales page and summarize that information. But their summaries offer nothing new.

We wanted to do justice to our readers by making our readers see what is actually in the product. This is why we bought Conversation Chemistry and read it.

This product, authored by  Anne Wilson, Mirabelle Summers & Amy Waterman, promises to show men how to talk to women in a way that builds attraction in the women. Does this product hit the mark?

We hope our review helps you to make an educated decision as to weather this product is for you or not.

Without further ado, let us get into it.

Ratings Summary

Average Rating: 9.4/10

Quality of Information Easy to Understand Easy to Implement Value for Money
9.6/10 9.4/10 9/10 9.6/10
This is one of the best guides we have ever read on being successful with women. The authors go deep into how words can turn on women. Although the Conversation Chemistry guide is long it is a very easy read. We picked up on all of the concepts immediately. It is going to take some time, effort and persistence to implement some of the methods in the guide but you will benefit greatly from doing this.  We paid $47 for Conversation Chemistry and the level of value with this product is incredible. The main guide and the complimentary video are certainly worth this price. The comprehensive bonuses give the product a much higher value.
Pros Cons
All aspects of approaching women and being successful with them are explained in great detail There is a lot of information which can seem overwhelming but it is worth persevering with everything
There are practical steps for you to take with each section of the guide
The complimentary video is a very good addition to the main guide
The bonuses are outstanding

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Who is Conversation Chemistry for?

Conversation Chemistry is for men who find it difficult to talk to women. Many men are sadly inadequate in this area and that inadequacy shatters their confidence in a million pieces.Conversation Chemistry

Some men get so nervous around attractive women that they are not even able to approach women let alone have conversations with women.

The problem is that most guys are simply clueless in how to approach women and what to say in order to build attraction.

While money and looks are great things for a man to have, these things are not necessary for men to have in order to attract great women.

They get turned on when you say the right things no matter what you look like. How many times have you heard someone say “how did she end up with him?,” in a situation where a very attractive girl is hanging on the arm of an average looking guy.

Often times the reason why you have that physical mismatch is because some men know how to use the power of communication in a way to build attraction in the women they like.

This is not about using cheesy pick-up lines or complimenting women. Desirable women have heard experienced those approaches a million times. That will get you nowhere.

It’s all about understanding how to get a girl to want you and chase you. Yes, this is possible and does happen – remember the average guy with the gorgeous girlfriend? 

Conversation Chemistry will empower you by giving you the life skills that you need
to achieve a complete personal and social transformation The kind that will have you feeling confident, secure, desirable, and powerful around women, no matter what challenge you face!

This book includes collaborations with top names in the counseling, life coaching and
relationship fields. From years of research and observation, these people knows what works and what does not.

By the way, there is a female version of Conversation Chemistry. So if you are a woman reading this, you may want to check that out.

What do you get in Conversation Chemistry?

Conversation Chemistry is a comprehensive guide to saying the right things to attract women in PDF format. You will be able to read this guide on your smart phone, tablet or your computer.

Once you purchase Conversation Chemistry you will receive your membership details via email. When you log in to the member’s area you can download the main guide and everything else.

The guide is a large guide with 330 pages but don’t let that put you off. It is very well laid out and is an easy read. The guide has an introduction and is then divided up into three main sections. 

After downloading the main guide the next step is to watch an exclusive video from a well-known “pick up artist” which reveals how you can make small talk sexy. The video lasts for just over 40 minutes but it is well worth watching as there are some excellent tips in this. 

There is also quite a few nice bonuses that we will talk about later.

The Introduction

The introduction explains the importance of communication when approaching women and why there is so much more to effective communication than just the words that you say. 

The intro  explains that you need to engage your entire body when you are approaching women and how you can make a woman understand what you mean. You will also learn how to get a woman to feel what you want them to feel.

Then the introduction covers how the guide is structured and the reasons why the guide is presented the it is. You will then read a very useful section on getting the most from the Conversation Chemistry guide.

Finally there is a section about why you should commit yourself to improving your communication skills in all areas of your life.

Part 1 – The Principles of Great Communication

There are 7 sub-sections to the first part of Conversation Chemistry. We will go through them all in turn below.

The Authenticity Activation Principle

This section reveals what women are really looking for in a man. The author explains the things that do not matter to women that most men obsess over. She explains that women think a lot differently to men when it comes to love and attraction. 

The authors explain that you need to make a woman feel attraction towards you. You need to forget about all of the hang-ups that you have about yourself that have held you back in the past and well and truly leave your old life behind you.

You will then learn the most important things that you need to focus on to make a woman feel strongly attracted to you. It is likely that you know the first of these but we have never seen it explained so well as in this guide.

The authors further explain the one thing that girls are definitely not attracted to. There will be no doubt what you need to do after reading this.

The second thing that you need to focus on is something that we were aware of but feel needs to be mentioned. Especially in this day and age when such a thing is sometimes frowned up, we think men need to embrace this aspect of themselves.

Women will love you if you have this quality and if you don’t have it then the guide will show how you can have this quality. 

Following this was some great news for men. The guide reveals a way for men to exhibit success without having a lot of money. This way is highly attractive to women.

The rest of this section reveals more ways to become attractive to women. It involves maintaining your balance – a quality men often give away when they really like a woman. The points made here should be shouted from the mountaintop for all men to hear.

Why Men and Women Communicate Differently

This is a very powerful section. As the title suggests, it explains the different ways that men and women tend to communicate. There is a great example of a conversation between two strangers waiting for a bus that really highlights the differences.

The author explains that male and female brains are wired differently and this difference affects how both sexes think and act. Females are much better equipped in the language department for example.

Although our brains are wired differently, it doesn’t mean that as a man you cannot change way you communicate. Whether you can adapt the way you talk to suit the person you’re talking to may determine whether or not that person develops a romantic interest in you.

After reading this section you will be clear on how the language that you use is so powerful to a woman. You will understand why you must develop this side of your character.

The Stages of Attraction

In this section and hear you will learn the 5 stages of attraction. You will learn a great deal here about how you need to compose yourself and what you need to do and say. 

One part of the attraction phase involves stepping out of your comfort zone. This part is so important that we believe it could be the difference between friend-zoned and getting involved romantically with a woman.

Why we have to Talk to Attract a Mate

In this section you will discover the real reasons why you need to talk to attract your perfect woman. Although there are specific physical characteristics that make men physically appealing to women, these are not enough for a long term relationship

She needs to see that you have a lot more to offer than your square jaw and big muscles. In fact, these physical characteristics are secondary.

What attracts a woman to a man is typically different than what attracts a man to a woman. These differences are well explained in this section.

Intuitive Communication

You may think that you are in control of all of your communications but this is not true.

The truth is that you are only in control of a small part of it. Here you will learn that most of your communication skills are intuitive and are controlled by your subconscious. 

It is possible to change your intuitive communication and you need to do this to be more successful with women. When you become a skilled communicator, you will naturally be able to connect with women and put them at their ease.

There are several aspects to developing intuitive communication that you need to be aware of and understand. You need to know about unconscious communication techniques. These are explained well in one of the free bonuses.

Rapport is very important too as it will help you to form a strong connection with the woman that you want.

You will learn how you can develop your rapport skills in this section. There are some very good tips and advice here that you can easily implement. Next you need to know why it is so important to warm people up gradually. When you master this with women, they will absolutely love you for it.

The next intuitive communication technique is all about the personal interest that you show in a woman. Some men see meeting women as a “numbers game” but this is a disastrous approach and the guide explains why this is the case here. There are good examples in this section showing you what you need to do.

Men who have mastered intuitive communication are always willing to share their personal stories with women. Doing so establishes a stronger emotional connection – which is a good thing. You will discover some good ways to do this here.

Intuitive communicators always understand the importance of finding something that they have in common with another person and you definitely need to learn how to do this with women.

Women will be more emotionally invested in you  when you show that you understand them. Here you will find a great example of how to achieve this on a date. There are also other effective techniques offered in this section as well. 

You have probably heard before that women love men who are “good listeners”. The guide explains why this is very true and how you can improve your listening skills.

Other effective intuition communication tactics that you will learn about in this section include mirroring and matching, going wide and deep (very important) and how to lead a woman on an emotional journey (even more important).

As always, there are solid examples provided here.

It’s all in your Mind: Conversational Turnoffs

It is essential that you approach women with the the right mindset, a mindset that will lead to more success. This section tells you what you should not be thinking when communicating with a woman that you feel some attraction for

It’s all in your Mind: Conversational Turnons

Here you will learn the things that really turn a woman off with your conversation. In Part 2 of Conversation Chemistry, you will learn exactly how you can fix these problems – more on that later. 

This section outlines five simple keys to mastering a great attitude with women. Some really interesting stuff here.

Summing Up

Here the author does a good job summing up all of the most important elements of Part 1. By the end of this section, you should understand the basic principles of great communication. You should understand why women communicate differently and how to adapt your style to suit them.

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Part 2 – Dating

You now know and understand why the right communication is vital to attracting women. Translating this into a successful date with a woman is another thing entirely.

Some men get the communication aspect right and then it all goes wrong on the date. Makes sure this doesn’t happen to you by reading this part of Conversation Chemistry carefully.

How to Communicate with Charisma

Women love men that are charismatic. You will learn how to become more infectious in your personality, presence, and communication. 

The author explains well that you can make some mistakes when developing your charisma and points these all out so that you can avoid them. 

How to Overcome Approach Anxiety

This is a big problem for a lot of men. Approach anxiety holds so many men back from being successful with women and robs women of meeting some really great guys. 

The authors outline some goof ways to get over your anxiety or at the very least to make your approach in spite of your anxiety. The section outlines one point that we think is lost on many men.

That point relates to who can hurt you in an encounter? Read that section over and over again if needs be.

6 things any guy can do to Overcome Women-Repelling Personality Weaknesses Tonight

The authors share with you the things that will kill a woman’s attraction for you in this section. All 6 of these things make perfect sense and the authors do a good job here presenting advice on how to not become victims of these things.

It would have been nice for these six points to be numbered so that we could find them a lot easier if we wanted to review them later. That said, solid info here.

How to Start a Conversation

Not being able to start a conversation is one of the biggest problem men have in attracting women.

This section begins by pointing out something that severely inhibits a lot of men’s ability to start a conversation. You will probably be shocked when you learn what this is! 

The section follows this up with some powerful conversation starting techniques. We suspect not all of them will be every man’s cup of tea but you can choose the one that resonates best with you.

This section also highlights how not to start a conversation. One piece of advice of what not to do is so glaringly obvious but many men get stuck in their ways. 

This is a great section and one that you probably would want to read more than once.

How to make a Great First Impression

You have probably heard the saying that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So this section reveals ways to leave a positive mark on the women you are talking to.

When you meet somebody new, you don’t have long before an indelible, lasting mental snapshot of you is formed by that person. So this section outlines what you need to do to make a really good first impression on a girl.

Nothing groundbreaking here but a good reminder of how to carry yourself.

How to Talk about Yourself

This section explains that your upbringing as a child probably has led you to downplay yourself. However, there are ways to talk about yourself that puts you in the best possible light without being a show-off.

If you want success with women, it’s important to package yourself. This section will show you how to do that with examples.

How to avoid the Brush Off

In this section you will learn the real reason why a lot of women “brush men off” upon approach. You might be surprised to know that the reason for the “brush off” is not what you think.

You will learn how to totally avoid these unnecessary “brush offs” with a simple tweak in your approach.

How to Talk to a Group

If you have found yourself having to approach a group of people to get to a woman that you feel very attracted to then you know how daunting a prospect it is.

This section shows you how to approach a group of people effectively. Once you bear in mind that even if people within the group are taken aback by your approach as opposed to being displeased, you can access the group.

How to make someone feel like an Old Friend

When you can make a woman that you approach feel like an old friend then you will have your foot in the door for sure. It’s all about making a woman feel valued – a feeling that will stay with her for a long time.

When you are able to do this you will effectively increase your chances of attracting a woman. There are some simple ways presented here on how to make a woman feel good about herself

The Art of Confident Conversation

There are two basic rules for being a confident conversationalist revealed here. One of these basic rules may come as a bit of a surprise because as men, we are taught the opposite of what the rule is.

There are quite a few tips that expands on these basic rules. By following these tips, we feel you’ll have more effortless free flowing conversations. 

Taking the Conversation to a more Intimate Level

In this section you will learn how to go beyond polite conversation and take it to a more intimate level. By doing this, you have taken a giant leap towards getting women to be emotionally invested in you.

So many men play it safe and don’t risk trying to find out what lies within the women they are taking to. But being timid won’t get you far.

There are some excellent examples here of how to build that intimate connection and ultimately build attraction.

How To Give A Compliment

Men often get the giving of compliments wrong. This section emphasizes the best way to compliment a woman that will lead to a more free flowing conversation.

We like this section a lot because many men erroneously think that compliments will magically make a woman feel attraction for them. Consequently, compliments become overused, and has made
many woman wary of men who compliment.

You don’t want your compliment to be viewed in this light. This section will be an eye-opener for many men.

How To Speak With A Sexy Voice

You probably have totally the wrong perception of how to speak to a woman in a sexy voice. The authors spell out in no uncertain terms the qualities that women look for with a sexy male voice.

They also make clear what are the qualities of an unsexy voice. There are some great exercises here for developing your sexy voice.

This is probably an underrated aspect of female attraction you should look into.

How To Be Funny

We are sure that you already know that humor is a very important quality to have when you want to attract a woman.

Here you will learn how to make a girl laugh even if you don’t consider yourself that humorous. Learn how to use the three components of humor to your advantage.

This is a lengthy section but a very important one. Unless you are naturally funny you need to pay specific attention to what the author is telling you here. 

How to Tease

Learning how to tease a woman correctly will significantly increase your chances of attraction and intimacy. The consequences of getting teasing wrong could be disastrous so you need to follow the advice provided carefully.

How to Flirt Non-Verbally

Non-verbal flirtation techniques are all excellent ways to plant the idea of dating into someone’s head. When you’re a successful non-verbal flirt, you can literally get someone to ask you out … without having to say a word about it.

This section outlines the non-verbal techniques men can use to plant the seed of attraction in women. If you a woman can sense on a visceral, instinctive level, that you are attracted to them, they are more likely to be attracted to you.

How to Spark Chemistry and Sexual Tension

Sparking chemistry and sexual tension with a woman needs to be done is a subtle way. You will find 4 excellent tips here on how you can move your conversation with a woman to the next level. As usual, there are a lot of practical examples given.

How to Talk to a Shy or Quiet Person

It can be a real challenge communicating with a shy or introverted woman. The author shares 4 powerful and effective techniques here to create a strong connection with a shy girl. When you use these techniques, you will definitely draw a shy woman out of her shell.

How to talk to anyone for Long Periods of Time

You need to change your approach to avoid the long pregnant pauses that comes with so many conversations. The authors you how to recognize opportunities in a conversation to keep it going for as long as you want. Women will adore you for this.

How To Listen

Being a good listener will get you a long way with women. Here you will learn 5 tips to  creating a caring, supportive environment in which women feel encouraged by your ability to understand them. The author also shares the 5 most common mistakes that men make with listening. 

How To Always Have More To Say

You can train your brain to have more to say in virtually any situation. There is a very effective tip shared here that can give you that witty edge. 

How To Make Sure You Talk About The Right Things

You want to communicate a good, positive, upbeat, attractive image of yourself on dates. This section talks about the right and wrong things to say on dates.

Great advice here on how to not use your mouth to sink your chances of success with women.

How To Talk About Interests That You Don’t Share

It is great when we a man and a woman share the same interests. Conversations tend to flow easier then.

What about when a man and a woman don’t share the same interests? This is not really a big problem. This section shows how you can keep a conversation going even with these differences.

The Art of Great Story Telling

Women like a man who is a good story teller. Such a man is not only entertaining but able to take a woman on an emotional journey, making attraction stronger.

The authors share 6 great tips here on how you can become a great story teller. They also provide a couple of warnings to ensure that your storytelling is appropriate.

How to Save yourself from Nervousness

Do you get nervous in social situations? If you do, you know how crippling nervousness can be.

The authors share ways to overcome this problem. We think this problem won’t be a quick fix. Practicing is the key.

How to Remove yourself from a Conversation

This section is all about conversation management and the right techniques to use to politely remove yourself from a conversation. Sometimes it is necessary to remove yourself.

How to Move Things to the Next Level

Here you will learn the most important thing that you must do to take your relationship with a woman to the next level. You will also learn how to know if a woman wants to kiss you and how to move in for the kiss.

Keep in mind that you are looking to escalate your relationship – not a buddy. So take heed of the tips given here.

How to find out whether they want to see you again

There are signs that you need to recognize that tells you whether a woman wants to see you again or not. The authors reveal them here. Nothing groundbreaking, just solid stuff.

What to do if you are not interested and they are

This can happen to you and you need to be able to express your lack of interest with class and politeness. The authors show how to do that here.

Part 3 – Relationships

The third and final part of Conversation Chemistry is all about successful relationships. We were excited to start this section because it makes an important distinction that is not often made.

See – the same communication skills that made you great at dating is not the same skills that will make your great in a relationship. Unfortunately, that distinction is lost on many men.

This section shows how to solidify your relationship as a couple.

Becoming a Couple

This is a long section that is full of good advice on how you can make the transition to a “couple.” The authors help you to make this transition linguistically as well as practically.

The author explains a lot of the mistakes that men make in the area of communication with your partners. You’d be well advised to read this section multiple times if you want to maintain a great relationship.

Keep Your Love Balance in the Black

We often forget that how we communicate to our partner reveals our emotions more clearly than our words. We may think that we’re being polite, but our tone or body language reveals a different story.

This section makes you focus on having more positive reactions with your partner than negative ones. Get this balance right and your relationship has a great chance of long term success.

How to Communicate Affection

A lot of men struggle with communicating affection to their woman when there are in a relationship. Many men feel that now they have succeeded in getting their women there is no point to showing affection.

However, you have to learn to communicate affection frequently, freely, and in a way that’s
understood by your partner if you want to have a long lasting relationship

You will find three effective methods to share your affection with your lady. These ways are sure to strengthen the relationship.

How to Disagree

You have to know how to disagree appropriately, in a way that strengthens your feelings of connection rather than your feelings of separation. The authors reveal the three traits that couples need to overcome their disagreements and differences and keep their relationship going in a positive way.

How to Argue

Arguments occur when disagreements get go too far. Sometimes couple can argue in a light-hearted and get back to normal. Other times things can get a bit heated.

If you want to effectively resolve situations with your partner, the authors reveal three facts that you should know. They also share ten things that healthy arguments are not.

How to Forgive

No one is perfect 100% of the time. Your woman will say something hurtful and vice versa.

How can you forgive her? This section shares 5 powerful reasons to forgive your woman as well as 5 traits of true forgiveness.

How to Talk about your Feelings

Do you find it difficult to talk about your feelings with a woman? A lot of men do.

Men need to know how to express feelings appropriately and how to empathize or respond when others share their feelings with them.

In this section the authors reveal ways to do just that.

How to Talk about Us

Women really like it when you start to talk about “us” rather than ‘me.” The concept of “us” can be hard for men who are typically brought up to be independent.

In this section you will learn how to use time and direction to become a stronger couple.

How to Talk about the Future

Having individual and mutual goals is the first step to relationship success, so the next step is in talking about then and assessing your progress at regular intervals.

Nothing groundbreaking here – just common sense advice.

How to Melt Away Distance

Here the author shares ways to combine words with other forms of communication to create unstoppable heat in your relationship.

We especially like the part on discovering your special “love language.” This discovery will spice up your relationship for sure.

This is a very powerful section that we encourage you to pay attention to.

Knowing when to Listen

Talking to your woman in the right way is only half of the battle – the other half is knowing when to listen. You need to develop the “active listening” technique to do this and the authors show you exactly what to do here.

The Associated Video – How to make Small Talk Sexy

This is a video of an expert in approaching women and dating. He shares some of his techniques for successfully approaching women such as his “getting an opinion” approach.

There are some great tips here on the approaches to avoid when you want to start a conversation with a woman.

The expert discusses how to establish the rules of a conversation with a woman early to achieve the best results. He explains how to relax a girl so that she can be herself.

Avoiding pressure is very important to your success. You will be giving her permission to open up to you. It is important not to be afraid in any way when you approach a woman.

You will discover the approach that the expert uses with first dates that works very well for him. He explains the best ways to make a connection with a woman which will make the woman wanting more of you. 

This video is an excellent compliment for the Conversation Chemistry guide.

The Bonuses

The bonuses really boost the already great value of the main guide. You get five very useful bonuses with Conversation Chemistry which are:

  1. How to Approach Women and Start Conversations 
  2. Power Sessions for Men
  3. How to Double Commitment in your Relationship
  4. Increase your Social Status and Desirability in Seconds
  5. Inner Game Tactics

First you need to download the MP3 file and PDF transcript entitled “How to Approach Women and Start Conversations.” This is a very revealing interview with a woman that has helped hundreds of men overcome their fears when it comes to approaching women and how to start conversations that lead to more dating success.

Then there is another bonus interview called “Power Sessions for Men.” This is another MP3 file of an interview with an expert in the area of approaching and picking up women. You can listen to this on your way to work or in the gym. There is some powerful stuff here.

Next bonus is another PDF. It’s about doubling the commitment in your relationship.

This guide that reveals how you can make your partner more committed to your relationship. If you are in a relationship that you want to make stronger then this bonus may be able to help.

Do you want to increase your social status and your desirability in seconds? Of course you do, and the next bonus PDF guide will show you how to use the principles of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to achieve this.

The final bonus is classified as “unadvertised” because it is not mentioned on the sales page. This is called “Inner Game Tactics” and it is an MP3 audio and PDF transcript,

This bonus will show you how to increase your self confidence and take it to unstoppable levels so that you can attract more women. Yes, it sounds a bit cheesy, but it is actually very good!

The Verdict

If you want to up your game when it comes to approaching women that you really want to be with then Conversation Chemistry is for you. It is written by people who have tons of experience in the field, and as a result, know what ways of communication turn women on.

The number one thing we liked about this book is how deeply they delved into the process of communicating with women. Communication is not as simple as always having something to say or thinking that all you needed to attract women is the gift of gab.

This book shows that communication is far more complex than that. Once you grasp that, your success with women is surpass even your own expectations.

We also liked how each section just flowed naturally into the next. Although the guide is 330 pages long, it was a pleasure to read because of the quality and flow of the information provided. 

In the unlikely even that you are not happy with this product you’d be pleased to know that it comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee.

Take your skills with women to the next level with Conversation Chemistry.

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